Understanding Upgrade Options: Tractive Tuning & Megneg Air Cans

Understanding Upgrade Options: Tractive Tuning & Megneg Air Cans

Like forks, shocks also contain two systems: a spring and a damper.

The spring and damper work together, not against each other. You can read and understand more about each in our 101 here.

The MegNeg affects the air spring system.

The Megneg is an air can upgrade from Rockshox that can be fitted to the Deluxe and SuperDeluxe shocks to increase the negative chamber volume (like our Luftkappe & Secus).

The Tractive Tune affects the damper system.

The Tractive Tune is our proprietary custom damper tune, based on rider weight, frame geometry, terrain and riding style.

Damper behaviour is speed sensitive, not position-sensitive, whereas springs are entirely position-sensitive. This means they effectively function out of phase - the damper is doing the most when the spring is doing the least, and vice versa.

One does not substitute for the other, even though some effects of spring and damper changes to overlap.

Should I get a Tractive Tune or MegNeg?

Both are possible, together or separately, however the tractive tuning is suitable for almost all riders on almost any frame, whereas the MegNeg is better suited to some frames than others. 

Tractive Tuning is especially beneficial for riders who for whatever reason are not the "average" rider. Whether you're lighter or heavier, more aggressive or less aggressive, or have particular demands of your suspension, Tractive Tuning can assist you.

Tractive Tuning delivers quite linear damping curves (again, this is speed sensitive, nothing to do with suspension position) to maximise predictability and give you damping support when you need it, without excessive damping when you don't. 

Tractive Tunes are available from our Elite Partner Tuning Centers.

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