Tractive Tuning - Behind the Scenes

Tractive Tuning - Behind the Scenes
Tractive Tuning is a customised damper tune, based on a rider's weight, frame geometry, and riding preferences.
Stock damper tunes are just that: stock. They aim to cater for the majority of riders, but for those who aren't in the middle of the bell curve, or find that they're at the limits of their damper adjustments, a Tractive Tune could be the ticket for improved performance.
Here's some behind the scenes shots from the process:
Our Elite Partner Tuning Centres around the world have access to our proprietary, cloud-based Tractive Valve Tuning System calculation software. This software lets the tuner observe the true response at the wheel when considering the rider's weight, the bike's leverage rate and the damper curve generated by a specific tune.
After a re-configured shim stack and a few new parts, the completed shock offers more support, compliance and traction.
Tractive Tuning can only be completed by our Elite Tuning Partner Centers around the world (found here).

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